Bicycle Patrol

Bicycle Patrol

bike-patrol.jpgThe Bicycle Patrol Unit strives to promote a positive working relationship among the community while maintaining the highest level of integrity and professionalism. It is our goal to build a partnership with area residents, merchants and visitors through direct, positive interaction.

Currently the department has 2 certified bicycle patrol officers, Officer Simpson and Officer Goedertier. The bicycle patrol officers perform the same duties as motor patrol.


Speed and mobility are assets of the department�s bicycle unit. Bicycle officers are highly trained. The training consists of 40 hours of classroom and riding before being allowed to patrol on a bicycle. The initial training covers such topics as:

  • Basic bike handling
  • Emergency maneuvers
  • Riding in traffic
  • Off-road rough terrain tactics
  • Agility
  • Dismounting and suspect apprehension
  • Equipment maintenance/minor repairs

Equipment and Uniforms:

The bicycles are equipped with quick mount and release bike carriers allowing the officers to take a bike with them on patrol. Each bike patrol officer is outfitted with gear for all weather conditions. The equipment includes: Cool-max shirts, shorts, pants, gloves, a versatile jacket, vest and a helmet. The shirts and jackets have reflective patches on the back for safety and identification.

Bike Patrol Duties:

Officers assigned to bike patrol perform the same duties as officers assigned to motor patrol. Officers on bikes are assigned patrol beats and answer assigned calls. Bike patrol officers are also assigned to work and address specific problems that may arise within the community. Bike patrol officers make arrests for offenses ranging from driving while under the influence to felony narcotics arrests.

You may observe officers talking to residents and their families while on patrol. Officers also hand out stick on badges for the children to wear.

It is our belief that by incorporating mobility, visibility, interaction, and proactive law enforcement techniques, a bicycle patrol officer can positively affect the everyday workings of a police department and its impact on the community.

Bicycle Patrol Fleet:

Our fleet consists of 2 fully equipped bicycles:

  • 1 Diamondback
  • 1 Mongoose

The bicycles are equipped with flashing blue and red lights.